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Creating Positive Energy Flow in Your Home

After weeks of “sheltering in place” I’m guessing we’ve all noticed more about how we use and enjoy our homes than ever before. If you’re like me, you are longing for ease, light, happiness, comfort and wellness in our surroundings and are looking for ways to surround ourselves with positive energy.
Here are few easy-to-execute ideas that will increase the positive feng shui in your home….and hopefully in your life’s energy during this time of such uncertainty.
1. While your front door is the portal for life force energy into your home, it sets the flow of qi energy into your home in motion. To invite great energy in, keep this space bright and clutter-free and make sure the doorbell works properly.
2. Green house plants invite wellness, growth and kindness into your home.
3. Dining rooms represent friendships. To attract more friendships into your life, use your dining room table for a meal on a regular basis. To increase close friendships, place a large mirror so that it will reflect the dining table and double your circle of love and support. Fresh flowers in this room also invite positive energy and connections to others in our lives.
4. Feng Shui considers the kitchen to represent wealth, abundance and health. To keep positive energy flowing in these areas of your life and home, use the stove at least once a day, even if only to boil water for tea. And dispose of all expired foods in the fridge and pantry. To double your wealth, place a mirror to reflect the burners on your stovetop. Doubling the burners can double your capacity to attract prosperity.
5. Family rooms are considered to be more intimate space. Make sure there is a comfortable seat for every family member. Placing a rug in the center of this room will connect and ground your family together.
6. Bedrooms are considered to be one of the most important rooms in Feng Shui. Remove storage and clutter from under your bed to allow more qi energy to flow around you and provide more restful sleep. To provide more of a sense of security and grounding, use a headboard that is secured to the bedframe. For the best feng shui energy, your headboard should be solid without perforations or bars.
7. If you want to send a message out into the universe that you have space in your life for new opportunities, keep a little extra space in your closets and storage areas. Full and cluttered closets and storage areas keep qi energy from flowing and send the message that your plate is full to overflowing.
I would love to hear your ideas. What have you learned about your home during these past few weeks of sheltering?

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