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Creating Your Bedroom Retreat

Amidst the current situation, families are together a lot more than they used to be. With everyone spending so much more time at home these days, there is a serious need for a place to retreat to for some peace and quiet. Homeowners are focusing more and more on creating a master suite that provides just that. Here are some expert suggestions on how to get that resort-like feeling right at home:

1. Options for lighting. Having multiple options of lighting in the bedroom is important for a variety of activities. Three sources of light are ideal: a bright overhead light for the whole room that has a switch near the door, a “reading light” next to the bed, and a third source near the dresser.
2. Have a sitting area. A great accent arm chair or bench is ideal in a bedroom to sit with a book or put socks on.
3. Like Mom always said, make your bed when you get up in the morning. Seeing your bed made when you enter the room will create a calming effect instead of seeing a mess when you want to get into bed at night.
4. Don’t leave stuff out in view. Storing items like keys or wallets in drawers or decorative boxes instead of leaving things out on the dresser, etc. keeps it feeling calm and clean.
5. Take the time to keep everything in its place and “declutter” at least once per week. Having everything in its place will feel good too!
6. Bedroom cool down. Keeping the temperature in the bedroom nice and cool will make it feel refreshing upon entering it not to mention provide better quality sleep.
7. No kids’ stuff. Allowing the kids to come in with their toys and leaving the room a mess will definitely break that feng shui flow.
8. Blackout curtains/blinds. Effectively blocking out sunlight when trying to get some extra z’s creates more peaceful rest.

Keeping the bedroom clean, functional and inviting creates a relaxing environment and hopefully, better sleep. What are some things that make your bedroom feel like your own little retreat at home?

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