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Grateful in Middle Tennessee

There is so much to be grateful for, living in middle Tennessee. Nashville and the surrounding area is a melting pot of people who have re-located from other states yet the epitome of Southern living at its finest. Urban sprawl may be happening in all directions but, amazing rolling hills of greenery and farm life is still at our fingertips.
The climate here supports outdoor activities year-round and whether it’s hiking, kayaking, fishing or hunting, the state parks provide many close-by, breathtaking options for all of the above. Nashville is rich in history and you can never run out of interesting places to visit like Cheekwood Gardens or Belle Meade Plantation. The culture here is certainly its own – live music everywhere and down-home Southern cooking at “meat and threes.”
Something else to be grateful for here in middle TN is the people. The sense of community is simply huge. Everyone looks to take care of one another, people are friendly and neighborly to strangers. And that old adage “Southern Hospitality” is absolutely alive and well. So much to be grateful for just living in this area.
If you are considering re-locating to the Nashville, schedule a consult with me at I’m happy to you walk through the process and what to expect!

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